Thailand’s Trade Competition Act for Airlines

15 March 2018

Thailand's Trade Competition Act has been in force for six months. What impact has it had on airlines and the Thai aviation sector?

Thailand’s Trade Competition Act

15 March 2018

Thailand's new Trade Competition Act (2017) came into force on 5 October. What are the key provisions of the act?

Competition and Markets Authority: Six More Competition Enforcement Cases on the Way

14 December 2017

What are the main points from the Competition and Markets Authority’s 2018/19 annual plan?

EU Rail Sector Competition: Inevitable Conflict?

12 December 2017

How does the Lithuanian railways case serve as a reminder to all stakeholders of the need to adapt positively to the advent of competition and to be vigilant against abuses of dominance by incumbent operators?

Investing in UK Critical Energy Infrastructure – A Compliance Pathway

23 November 2017

What is the UK government’s approach to investing in critical energy infrastructure? How does this relate to the recent history of UK foreign investment control and referable indicators from the legal systems of other major economies, particularly in the Commonwealth?

Consultation on Updated Guidance for Assessing Rail Franchise Awards

14 November 2017

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority recently announced a consultation on the assessment of rail franchise awards. What are the main points from the draft guidance texts?

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