Pay Less Notices and Final Accounts

21 November 2017

What is the importance of employers serving a valid “Pay Less Notice” if they want to dispute a sum certified in a Payment Notice?

Responsibility for Concurrent Delay

8 November 2017

Where concurrent delay does occur, what must a contractor establish between the employer's actions alone and the prevention of timely completion?

Blocking Access to BIM?

27 October 2017

Will employers have a continued right to access BIM data when a dispute arises with a BIM co-ordinator?

Beware of Variations to Sectional Completion Provisions – Precision is Key

19 October 2017

Why is the recent case Vinci Construction UK Ltd v Beumer Group so significant for the construction industry?

Unclear Surety Instruments Guarantee Trouble?

12 October 2017

This briefing examines the Commercial Court's interpretation of guarantees and on demand bonds, the lifeblood of international trade.

Offshore Wind Contract Conundrum Heads to Supreme Court

1 June 2017

WFW London Partner Rebecca Williams and Senior Associate Ben Lamble discuss the potential impact of the English Supreme Court's Appeal Hearing into the Robin Rigg case on the offshore wind sector for POWER magazine.

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