Pay Less Notices and Final Accounts

21 November 2017

What is the importance of employers serving a valid “Pay Less Notice” if they want to dispute a sum certified in a Payment Notice?

Effective Enforcement – Third Party Debt Orders and Letters of Credit

16 November 2017

Why did the UK Supreme Court's recent decision in Taurus v SOMO highlight the commercial importance of their enforcement powers?

Responsibility for Concurrent Delay

8 November 2017

Where concurrent delay does occur, what must a contractor establish between the employer's actions alone and the prevention of timely completion?

Blocking Access to BIM?

27 October 2017

Will employers have a continued right to access BIM data when a dispute arises with a BIM co-ordinator?

The “Posidon” Suppliers Fail to Turn Claim Rankings Upside Down

25 October 2017

A recent Singapore case provides a useful reminder that when distributing the proceeds from a judicial sale, the order of priorities is not set in stone.

Beware of Variations to Sectional Completion Provisions – Precision is Key

19 October 2017

Why is the recent case Vinci Construction UK Ltd v Beumer Group so significant for the construction industry?

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