Hotel Investments in Germany

2 September 2016

For various reasons the German hotel market has become very attractive for foreign investors. What are the key considerations for those contemplating investing in the local hotel market from a German legal and tax perspective?

New York Landlords Do Not Have To Mitigate Their Damages

23 August 2016

The New York Court of Appeals recently reaffirmed the well-established principle that commercial landlords in New York have no duty to mitigate their damages when a tenant abandons its lease.

Amendments to Italian Taxes Affecting the Real Estate Sector

30 March 2016

A discussion of the Italian Budget Law and its effect on real estate companies.

Residence Permits in Greece by Real Estate Acquisition or Strategic Investment

3 December 2015

In recent years, a number of reforms intended to attract foreign investments and simplify the existing investment framework have been introduced in Greece...

Oil and Gas Clause in Crown Estate Renewable Energy Leases

8 September 2014

Guidance on procedures for independent valuation where necessary.

Real Estate: Neue Rechtsprechung zum Grundstückserwerb

14 August 2014

Dieses Briefing behandelt die neue Rechtsprechung des BGH zur Stellung des Grundstückserwerbers bei nicht formgerechten Abreden zu Mietverträgen sowie bei schwerwiegenden Sachmängeln der Immobilie.

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