US Sanctions Target Venezuela’s PdVSA

31 October 2017

The US has imposed new sanctions on the Government of Venezuela, including PdVSA. What is the impact of these sanctions and what should external parties now be aware of?

VAT in the UAE – Countdown to 1 January 2018

18 September 2017

The much awaited law on the introduction of VAT in the UAE becomes effective in January 2018. What are the key issues that businesses need to consider?

ExxonMobil Sanctions Penalty: Lessons for Companies and Practitioners

17 August 2017

Daniel Pilarski has written an article for New York Law Journal assessing the important lessons companies and practitioners need to learn from the recent sanctions penalties imposed on ExxonMobil.

UAE Takes First Step in Implementing New Tax Regime

17 August 2017

The UAE have recently issued a new law that establishes the legal framework for a new tax regime planned, commencing with the implementation of value added tax in January 2018.

Update on the New Italian Carried Interest Tax Regime

8 May 2017

The Italian Government has issued new tax regime for carried interest and proceeds deriving from similar arrangements.

Close Companies: Beware the Hidden Inheritance Tax Risks of Structuring Escrow Arrangements as Trusts

28 April 2017

Parties to acquisitions often agree to an escrow arrangement to protect the buyer from some liabilities. These are often structured as trusts. However, what are the tax risks for individuals and close companies?

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