Update on the New Italian Carried Interest Tax Regime

8 May 2017

The Italian Government has issued new tax regime for carried interest and proceeds deriving from similar arrangements.

Close Companies: Beware the Hidden Inheritance Tax Risks of Structuring Escrow Arrangements as Trusts

28 April 2017

Parties to acquisitions often agree to an escrow arrangement to protect the buyer from some liabilities. These are often structured as trusts. However, what are the tax risks for individuals and close companies?

Ultime Novità sul Decreto Romani – Marzo 2017

20 March 2017

La Corte Costituzionale ha dichiarato l’illegittimità costituzionale degli articoli 23, comma 3, e 43, comma 1, del c.d. Decreto Romani. Il presente briefing offre un approfondimento a riguardo.

Update on the New Italian Non-Dom Tax Regime – March 2017

17 March 2017

What are the updates on the new Italian Non-Dom Tax Regime?

An M&A lifeline in the North Sea

10 March 2017

WFW London Partners Tom Jarvis and John Conlin have written an article for Petroleum Economist looking at how debt and deferred tax assets can impact acquisitions of UK continental shelf operators.

Final MLP Tax Regultions Caught Between Administrations

31 January 2017

Recent regulations issued by US Department of the Treasury affect the taxation of certain master limited partnerships. However, it is unclear what steps the new presidential administration will take in their respect

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