Thailand’s Trade Competition Act for Airlines

15 March 2018

Thailand's Trade Competition Act has been in force for six months. What impact has it had on airlines and the Thai aviation sector?

Thailand’s Trade Competition Act

15 March 2018

Thailand's new Trade Competition Act (2017) came into force on 5 October. What are the key provisions of the act?

Turbulent Times for Non-Community Carriers

29 January 2018

How has a recent case affected how airlines have to deal with claims arising from passenger delay going forward?

Policy Wordings, Cover and Claims: Recent Developments in Thailand

29 November 2017

What are the useful lessons that brokers, insurers and reinsurers should know regarding recent losses and claims on policy wordings, cover and claims?

Thailand’s Hybrid Firm PPA Scheme

3 October 2017

Following an announcement from the Energy Regulatory Commission, Thailand has switched to a new hybrid firm PPA scheme.

Thailand Ratifies Montreal Convention

5 September 2017

Now that Thailand has ratified the Montreal Convention 1999, the way in which claims are handled, addressed and resolved will change significantly.

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