An Update on Renewable Energy in Iran

10 April 2018

What are the major recent developments in Iran's vision to promote renewable energy?

Blockchain Series – No. 1 Blockchain and Shipping

14 March 2018

The first in a series of WFW Briefings exploring blockchain technology and its effectiveness across key industries. What is the impact of blockchain on the shipping sector?

Dangers of not Observing the LCIA Arbitration Rules

5 March 2018

This Briefing provides useful guidance on timing for jurisdictional objections under the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014.

Enforcing Complex Islamic Financing Arrangements Under English Law

15 February 2018

Why is the interaction between the English law, any relevant local law, and the Shari’a elements of a transaction complex?

VAT in the UAE – Countdown to 1 January 2018

18 September 2017

The much awaited law on the introduction of VAT in the UAE becomes effective in January 2018. What are the key issues that businesses need to consider?

Neymar and the financial fair play rules – a game changer or business as usual?

6 September 2017

Senior Associate Michael Savva has written an article for LexisNexis, looking at whether Neymar Jr's transfer from Barcelona FC to Paris St-Germain violates UEFA's financial fair play rules.

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