US Sanctions Target Venezuela’s PdVSA

31 October 2017

The US has imposed new sanctions on the Government of Venezuela, including PdVSA. What is the impact of these sanctions and what should external parties now be aware of?

ExxonMobil Sanctions Penalty: Lessons for Companies and Practitioners

17 August 2017

Daniel Pilarski has written an article for New York Law Journal assessing the important lessons companies and practitioners need to learn from the recent sanctions penalties imposed on ExxonMobil.

Changes to US Sanctions on Russia May Affect Business Relationships

9 August 2017

The US recently enacted new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. These are likely to have significant consequences on certain sectors of the Russian economy as well as the ability of certain Russian companies to operate outside the country.

US Sanctions Bill May Affect Russian Economic Sectors

26 June 2017

A recent Bill passed by the US Senate imposes economic sanctions on Russia. If passed into law, it may affect the country’s industry and the ability of non-Russian entities to do business with it.

Choice-of-Law Considerations in Transatlantic Transactions

24 May 2017

Partner Andrew Hutcheon and Associate Mark Lee authored an article for New York Law Journal examining the legal implications for parties in both the UK and New York when long-term agreements or options leaving terms to be agreed, what the similarities and differences are between the two jurisdictions.

International Lending and the Effects of Insolvency in Germany

17 February 2017

What are the risks faced by international and domestic lenders when dealing with a borrower in financial difficulties in Germany?

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