Damit das Architektenhonorar nicht unkontrolliert steigt

8 December 2016

WFW Senior Associate Eckrolf Berg LL.M. EUR. has written an article for German ImmobilienZeitung on the subject of architects' fees and how to have control over the amount of fees in an ongoing construction matter.

Court of Appeal Confirms Payment of Hire Under Time Charterparties is not a Condition

8 December 2016

A landmark Court of Appeal decision examined whether failure by a charterer to pay an instalment of hire punctually and in advance under a charterparty constitutes a breach of a condition, entitling the shipowner to terminate the charterparty and claim damages for loss of bargain.

UK: Employment Insight In-Depth – December 2016

5 December 2016

More and more people sport tattoos, but they are often frowned upon in the workplace. How should employers approach this and what are the risks?

Further Hurdles Relating to the Ownership/Operation of Indonesian Maritime Assets (Part II)

30 November 2016

This second Briefing reviews what other practical and commercial issues that prospective maritime asset owners are likely to encounter in Indonesia.

Renewables in Spain: Potential Recovery of the 7% Electricity Tax

28 November 2016

The Constitutional Court is to decide whether the Tax on the Value of Electrical Energy Production is unconstitutional. What should affected parties do in the meantime?

Dudas sobre la Constitucionaliad del Impuesto sobre el Valor de la Producción De Energía Eléctrica (IVPEE)

28 November 2016

El Tribunal Constitucional decidirá si el  Impuesto sobre el  Valor De La Producción de Energía Eléctrica es inconstitucional.

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