Enforcing Complex Islamic Financing Arrangements Under English Law

15 February 2018

Why is the interaction between the English law, any relevant local law, and the Shari’a elements of a transaction complex?

On the wrong track

7 February 2018

The Technology and Construction Court has recently recognised that public procurement cases raise singular procedural issues and difficulties. Rebecca Williams and Ben Lamble discuss a recent case for Procurement & Outsourcing Journal.

Turbulent Times for Non-Community Carriers

29 January 2018

How has a recent case affected how airlines have to deal with claims arising from passenger delay going forward?

The End of the Line? Final Account Provisions in Construction Contracts

23 January 2018

Why did Coulson J confirm that case law on notices on interim applications should also apply to final account regimes?

UK Corporate Governance Reform: What’s in the Pipeline?

17 January 2018

What are the proposed changes to be made to the UK corporate governance framework that are expected to come into effect by June 2018?

Is an Insolvent Air Carrier Entitled to Allocation of Landing Slots?

15 January 2018

Is Monarch, a defunct airline, entitled to be allocated take-off and landing slots at UK airports for the summer season 2018?

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